Policy Development and Review

Policy on University Policies and Procedures

The Policy on University Policies and Procedures (GV0100) was approved by the Board of Governors in November 2012, instituting a consistent and balanced approach for the development and review of university policies and procedures. This approach to policy development establishes:

  • a standard for policies and procedures through clear definitions of these terms
  • clearly delineated responsibilities for the development, maintenance, approval, implementation and review of policies and procedures
  • standardized policy and procedure formats
  • a mandated review period for policies and procedures, which is normally seven years. (see policy review section below).

Developing new policies

New university policies and procedures may be developed as required in accordance with the Policy on University Policies and Procedures. The President or Vice-Presidents are responsible for the development of new policies within the scope of their authority or portfolios. Individuals or committees who are beginning to develop a new university policy should contact the Office of the University Secretary.

Policy Review

In order to maintain the accuracy and relevance of university policies and procedures, regular policy reviews are mandated by the Policy on University Policies and Procedures. These reviews assist in confirming the relevance, validity, and applicability of university policies and procedures. The policy review process is also used to recognize and incorporate required revisions, while determining the implications of such revisions. All university policies and associated procedures must undergo a substantive review every seven years (or earlier if required). 

In accordance with the Policy on University Policies and Procedures, the president and vice-presidents are responsible for the maintenance and review of policies and procedures within their portfolios. Individuals or committees who are planning revisions to an existing university policy or procedure should contact the Office of the University Secretary.

The policy review process entails the review of all university policies and procedures against the standard established in the Policy on University Policies and Procedures in order to create and maintain a collection of user-friendly policies and procedures that are relevant to the needs of the university community.

Policy Development and Review Documents 

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GV0100 Policy on University Policies and Procedures



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