President’s Advisory Council (PAC)

President's Advisory Council (PAC)

The President's Advisory Council (PAC) consists of the President & Vice-Chancellor, the Vice-President Academic & Provost, the Vice-President Finance & Operations, and the Vice-President Research & International. PAC's function is to advise the President, through discussion, on all matters pertaining to the administration of the institution, and to serve as a consultative forum for its members. As a body, PAC has neither legislative, policy-making, nor adminsitrative authority. It concerns itself mainly with advice fo the allocation of resources and with administraitive planning, research and development.


Dr. Gerald Krispin, President & Vice-Chancellor

Mr. Richard Currie, Vice-President Finance & Operations

Dr. Tim Loreman, Vice-President Academic & Provost

Dr. Manfred Zeuch, Vice-President Research & International


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